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See why independent and national chain restaurants, and other foodservice operations trust Eastern Food Equipment.

Featured Foodservice Projects & Services Portfolio


Tom Hamberis


With six locations and growing, Dairi-O is one of our fastest growing customers with amazing potential.


Matthew Greene

Crisp Hospitality Group

Crisp has some of the triad's more upscale offerings with some great concepts in their portfolio.


Russ Patterson

Primland Resort

Primland is one of Virginia's premier resorts with amazing foodservice options.

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Stace Hamberis

Lowes Foods

Approximately 77 Stores

Worked with advisors and produce professionals to efficiently design and equip Pick & Prep stations. Design highlights include:


-Automated juicing for rapid orange and grapefruit juice production.

-Easy to use hand-dicers to ensure consistent quantity of Pick and Prep to-go containers.

-Heavy duty food processors integrated to greatly improve speed of food preparation.


Problem: Vegetable noodling process being slowed down due to labor intensive hand-crank machines. Manual process also producing inconsistent product; both problems subsequently lead to empty shelf space.


Solution: Consulted multiple manufacturers and conducted trial runs with automatic noodling machine. Successful testing led to all applicable stores automating process, in turn ensuring consistent product and stocked shelves.

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Jack Mock

Yafo Kitchen

Yafo is part of FS Food Group.  They have five great concepts in the greater Charlotte area and are expanding.

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Stace Hamberis

BBQ Shack

Before & After

Designing spaces to enhance your business


Distinctive designs for distinctive interiors


Interiors customized to your needs


Redefining Spaces


Subtle degree of difference

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