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Planning & Design Services


At Eastern Food Equipment, our Planning & Design Department produces the finest quality drawings available. We utilize the available space and specify the equipment to best support the menu, hours of operation, local health codes, and customer's needs.

Receiving, storing, preparation, cooking, and serving requirements are carefully calculated to provide the best plan possible. We then produce detailed plumbing and electrical drawings to ensure correct utility provisions for the equipment. 

Our drawings are an extremely useful tool for our customers during construction and when requesting bids from construction trades. There are rarely any surprises or change orders during installation (such as breaking up finished floors or cutting finished walls) because the requirements are clearly shown. Thus, the equipment installation is trouble-free when the utility provisions are installed according to our drawings. 

We work with a wide range of foodservice customers, with most fitting in one of these categories: 

Chain restaurant 

Regional chain restaurant 



Country club 

•Corporate kitchens (schools, care centers, manufacturing facilities, corporate offices)



Planning & Design Process

  • 1.Meeting with the customer to discuss the concept, location, menu items, equipment needs and timeline for the project.

  • 2.Developing the conceptual design for the space, based on the customer's information.

  • 3.Meeting with the customer to go over the conceptual design and tweaking it as needed until it's just the way the customer wants it.

  • 4.Providing detailed drawings for the architect, engineering, plumbing and electrical contractors with all the specifics for the needed equipment.

  • 5.Participating in planning for interior design and furnishings.

  • 6.Following up with the customer to ensure their satisfaction and a continued relationship.



Advantages to Working with Eastern Food Equipment

You have a valuable and trusted partner in Eastern Food Equipment to ensure that your foodservice space is designed to maximize efficiency and to best support your menu, hours of operation, local health codes, and your needs. 

Staff with years of restaurant and food service experience with all types of facilities.

Planning & Design Department utilizing AutoCAD software and 40 years' experience to produce first-quality design plans.

Detailed drawings pinpointing the exact locations for plumbing, electrical and other utilities.


We pay attention to the details that make design and start-up easier and timely.

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